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  商品名稱: Future Loops Smokin RnB Guitars REX2 WAV 英文版 CD
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Future Loops Smokin RnB Guitars REX2 WAV 英文版 CD

Future Loops Smokin RnB Guitars REX2 WAV-DYNAMiCS [img]/templates/new/images/468x60_PPS.gif[/img] Future Loops presents Smokin RNB Guitars , a collection of fresh and sexy R&B Guitar Loops and One-Shots with nearly 500 samples , both in WAV and REX fmats. F greater flexibility Smokin RNB Guitars was recded in 4 different tempos - 60 BPM, 70 BPM, 80 BPM and 90 BPM - and loops were perfmed in a wide variety of Keys that offer a tasty slice of what smooth RNB guitars are all about! Smokin RNB Guitars provides you with a very balanced diversity of guitar tones : some loops were kept raw , just begging f you to tweak them, others were processed and sprayed with that instant glitter and sensuality of RnB music. Whether you're producing Classic RnB, Urban Pop, Hip Hop the latest RnB chart topping track, Smokin RNB Guitars provides you with a wld of possibilities to load your tracks with some slick and sumptuous guitar grooves! Included in Smokin RNB Guitars are: 327 MB (265 MB of content befe duplication) 283 WAV Loops 208 WAV One Shots 242 REX Loops 73 Loops at 60 BPM ( B Min, C Min, D Maj, F Min and G Maj ) 43 Loops at 70 BPM ( A Min ) 75 Loops at 80 BPM ( C Maj, D Min and E Maj ) 92 Loops at 90 BPM ( D Maj, E Min, F Min and G Min ) In sum Smokin RNB Guitars has all the elements you need f any production that requires a special touch of guitars drenched in vibe, lustiness and style!