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  商品編號: xdvd3973d
  商品名稱: Loopmasters Tech Therapy MULTiFORMAT 英文發音 僅限電腦播放 DVD
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $200元
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Loopmasters Tech Therapy MULTiFORMAT 英文發音 僅限電腦播放 DVD

Science fiction is full of terrifying man-machines whose awesome power can crush any opponent. But could we one day build our own army of superhuman cyborgs to protect us from extraterrestrial threats? Dr. Michio Kaku thinks so. Advances in biomechanics mean we can already meld nerve endings and robotic body parts. On a combat exercise in Fort Benning, Georgia, Michio road tests the U.S. Army's latest communications system- could it be the first step toward a Borg like collective consciousness? A stunning breakthrough in wireless electricity transfer hints at how a cyborg army might get the juice needed to stay on the march. The cutting edge of nano-tech reveals a future world where tiny machines manipulate DNA and alter the human body at the level of the cell. Recruitment for the cyborg army could begin sooner than you think.